Lucy Zirins

Lucy gets an amazing first review for the new EP “What’s in Front of Me” from DJ Pete Country this month, plus he has been continually playing music from both her first album and the new EP. Huge thankyou to Pete and Graham for this fantastic track by track review and such kind words. Here are some quotes from the review, please check it out in full! 🙂

“This six track EP due to be released in early November is the latest work to emerge from talented British artist Lucy Zirins. Hailing from Burnley Lucy is currently making a name for herself on the UK music scene with her own country folk blend and stunning vocal ability. What’s In Front Of Me is a brilliantly written and compiled EP from an artist who’s not afraid to mix genres to create a fresh unique sound.”

“…beautiful crystal clear vocals”

“…perfect tone and pitch… Falling to Pieces is a really well written and composed song”

“…if you haven`t fallen in love with Lucy`s voice by the time you get to this song Mercy will tip the scales.

“Layered strings blended perfectly into the backing music complimenting Lucy`s vocals. You Won`t Remember Me is a fitting song to finish off a really lovely EP.” (Go Pete Billington!!)

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