Lucy is proud to have been chosen as the namesake and curator for the ‘Lucy Zirins Acoustic Blues Showcase’ in 2018 for the Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival.

Remarking on the honour Lucy said:

“The first Colne fest I went to, I watched Michael Roach play the acoustic stage and said I wanted to play on there next year: I did. Every year, bar one (when I won my BBA at Colne) I have played, loved it, and the performance at Colne this year was no exception. Me and Pete did our thing at the Little Theatre and had a great time. Thanks to everyone who came along. After our set Tom Attah and Jason Elliott pulled me aside to tell me that in 2018, there will be the Lucy Zirins Acoustic Blues Showcase. I will be curating the stage. The video below is them surprising me! Genuine shock! I had no idea. Very honoured.”

You can watch Lucy being told about the stage below on this live FB video from Jason Elliot. We hope to see you at Colne next year!